Juneteenth Jamboree

The 9th Annual Juneteenth Jamboree of New Plays

The 9th Annual Juneteenth Jamboree of New Plays, hosted by Actors Theatre, runs June 6-21 in the Victor Jory.  Back by popular demand on Saturdays is Juneteenth@Apollo, a community showcase with cash awards for winners. [Click here to print out a registration form.] Comprehensive internships for college theatre majors are available in administration, telecommunications, audience services, performance and production. [Click here for application and photos of JLT interns.]

Now is the time to submit your play up until March 15th! Kentucky writers send 3 copies to: 332 W. Broadway, #613, Louisville KY 40202. Attn: K. Papailler; and 1 copy with a $15 readers fee (money order only) to: 605 Water St., #21B, NYC 10002. Other authors send 3 copies to: POB 3463, Louisville KY 40201-3463 and 1 copy with readers fee to NYC.  We do not accept electronic submissions or synopsis.

Plays must address at least one of the five following themes: (1) 19th Century African-American experience, (2) pre and Harlem Renaissance Era, (3) Caribbean/Native American influences on African Americans, (4) contemporary issues and African-American youth, (5) images of women.